Windows Dedicated Servers

  • Super Microblade Hardware
  • Raid1 Enabled
  • 1Gbps Uplink Speed
  • HDD Hard Disk
  • Advance SAN Storage
  • Multiple Securty Filters
  • Managed and Unmanged Both
  • US Server Location
  • Plesk As Addon
  • Windows Server OS
  • WHMCS Billing Addon
  • 2 Free IP Addresses
  • Completely Customized
  • Intel Processor
  • Backup At 10 Minutes
  • Multiple Cores Available
  • Cron Jobs Scheduling
  • Protection From DOS
dedicated web hosting

Price Starts at $ 120.99 /month

Windows Web Server

Cheap Windows Dedicated Servers

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Internet Information Services To Maximize The Performance

Is their any security firewalls installed

We are currenting using Cisco ASA firewell at dedicated servers. We have number of multiple versions of Cisco including ASA 5506and, ASA 5515 and ASA 5544. There firewells are one one the best security solutions in market. At the same time whenever fe found that any particualr securtiy solution is not good enough, we chage it immedately with the better one. At makert the fireweels cost is arounfd $100 to $500, but at webhobs we incluidng these things with default server configuration. We also included number of load balancers to overcome the problems which are causing from heavy load physical servers. We also have multiple private switch enabled without any extra cost of money. We currently deals in dual core and quad code servers.

Uplink Speed and Up time

Our Hosting server uplink speed is 1Gbps burst port and the uptime is almost 100%, or more better we should say it's 99.999% up time. The cloud technology KVM Opanstack help us to reduce the downtime by improving server performance. Our hardware are degined to handle thousands of visitos per second and by using this a application with millions of visitos per days can be handled with a single physical dedicated Hosting. Our vaius performance tracking tolls will help you to track out the performance of hardware, available resources and currently used resources.

Which Hosting Platform is used

We are currently using KVM Openstack to create the physical containers. We have all the latest versions of PHP, Perl and Python Modules. We are currently using MSSQL database which is widely used database, but still if you need oracle, MSSQL or any other database that can be installed through control panel. Our physical server have 1Gbps up link Speed. These products are fully customized and if you need any customization let us know. If you find that our products are not good enough, full amount will be given back to you.

The Ultimate Security Of Microsoft Web Platform

Load Balancing to maximize the performance

Our load balancing tools are highly configured to distribute the work load among the multiple computing resources to maximize the resource utility. Our Central processing unit distribute the load between multiple hardware and by doing that the traffic is divided between different sockets. This can be used for a website which have millions of visits at a single time. In old days when load balancing is not in use, Round-robin DNS Technic was used to distribute the traffic amount multiple physical dedicated servers.

Server Monitoring to detect the security threads

Our monitoring system is perfect to detect the possible internal and external threads which can be caused of the possible downtime. Sometimes the system may crash due to the network overloading. The monitoring tools is the best way to detect the possible failure as well as to recover from the failure. Our route analytics system can check the network over multiple protocols including http, https, ftp, pop3 and a lot of others. The internal monitoring system ensure that the server administrator must know about one or multiple services failure. Our External monitoring system is used to report the possible downtime in case when the complete channel goes down.

Possible Intrusion detector System

It's used to detect and prevent the possible malicious activity performed at network or physical layer. We are using the multiple layer of antivirus to detect the possible internal level of security breach. Our Intrusion Prevention system can prevent all kinds of malicious tools that may be used to find the possible thread. It ensures the extreme level of security against spammers and hackers. Webhobs is the only hosting provider which allows the inter relay chat, at the time also ensure the great up time of services.

Cheap Windows Web Servers 2008 and 20012


Cpanel WHM Panel

WHM world best server management platform which don't require core technical knowledge of server management tools.

WHMCS Billing

WHMCS Hosting billing portal

A billing software to management the hosting clients at server. It can be used to send the invoices and also to renew the orders.

Parallel PLESK

Plesk Control Panel

It's a another control panel which can be used as the replacement of WHM/CPANEL. Windows dedicated client are using this tool.

Centos OS

CentOs Operating System

We are currently using Centos as the operating system of dedicated server and it enables us to offer great up time.